ex-President Soehart
Inna lillahi, wa inna ilaihi raji’uun
Kullu man alaiha faan wa yabqa wajhu rabbika dzal jalaali wal ikram

Every living being is mortal, the one and only who will stay eternal is the almighty God

Indonesia is in great sorrow, our ex-president, Mr Mohammad Soeharto, finally passed away after struggling with his illness. Born on June 1921, Soeharto was one of great mans ever lead this country. He left no statues of himself, no parks or roads were named after him, and only on special occasions did you see his face up on billboards, although in the last years of his rule it did appear on the largest-denomination banknote. Under his presidency, investment from the West was encouraged and Indonesia enjoyed rapid economic growth. A systematic plan so called “Repelita” bring Indonesia into self sufficient food(rice) country in 1984. But the Asian financial crisis in 1997 provoked a wave of unrest among the poor, students and the burgeoning middle class, which led to his overthrow.

List of medal of honor from all over the world for his dedication and reputation:

  • The Raja of the Order of Sikatuna (Filipina)
  • Grand Collier of the Order of Sheba (Ethiopia)
  • Grand Collier de L’ordre National de L’Independenee (Kamboja)
  • Order van de Nedherlandse Leeuw (Belanda)
  • The Order of the Golden Ark (Commander) (Belanda)
  • The Most Auspicious Order of Rajamitrabhom (Thailand)
  • Darjah Utama Sri Mahkota Negara (DMN) (Malaysia)
  • Darjah Kerabat Diraja Perak Darul Ridwan (Malaysia)
  • Sonderstufe des Grosskreuzes Special Order of the Grand Cross (Rep.Fed. Jerman)
  • Grand Collier (Italia)
  • Grosses Stem des Ehreinzeicbens Fuer Verdienste Um dic Republic Oesterreich (Austria)
  • Grand Croix de la Legion D’Honneur (Praneis)
  • Grand Cordon Order de Leopold (Belgia)
  • Order of the Great Yugoslav star (Yugoslavia)
  • Mubarak Al Kabir’s Necklace (Kuwait)
  • Ommayad Zul Wusyah (Syiria)
  • Independenee Necklace (Qatar)
  • Grand Collar of the Nile (Republik Arab Mesir)
  • Bintang Badar (Saudi Arabia)
  • The Grand Order of mugunghwa (Korea Selatan)
  • The Order of the Socialist Republic of Romania First Dass (Rumania)
  • Star of the Socialist Republic of Romania First Dass With Ribbon (Rumania)
  • Order of Al-Hussein Bin Ali (Yordania)
  • Darjah Kerabat Mahkota (Brunei Darussalam)
  • Knight Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB) (Inggris)
  • Satyaleneana Pahlavi (Iran)
  • Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chry–santhenum (Jepang)
  • Medali dari Pemerintah Pakistan (Pakistan) Nisham I (Pakistan)
  • Grand Collar de la Orden Americana de Isabel la Catolica (Spanyol)
  • Collar de La Order Del Libertador (Venezuela)
  • From Rice Imforter to Self Sufficieney (berhasil di Bidang SwaSembada Beras FAO)
  • Golden Order of Merit (IAAF)
  • Medali Emas Avicenna (UNESEO)
  • The United Nations Population Awward (Berhasil di Bidang KB) (The Population
  • Institute Global Statesman Award)
  • Health for all Gold Medal (Berhasil di Bidang Kesehatan-WHO)
  • The “Spirit of Helen Keller” Award (Helen Keller Intemational)

God bless you, may you rest in peace Mr. H Mohammad Soeharto

in memoriam Soeharto